Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Today we had visitors from FDC(Folk Development Collage)namely Martina Herbert,Reine Johannes and Aron Benell they have in shinyanga training secondary youth on internet.
They heard about our Maarifa centre through Nafrac and decided to visit on a fact finding mission .
I took through what ALIN is an international  NGOs that facilitate information and knowledge exchange to and between extension workers and arid land communities in Uganda,Kenya and Tanzania.
Free services offered like basic computer training,Internet Access ,Library service and Online Market information e.t.c.Luckly we had ICT training in session they had a chance to chat with our trainees .
They agreed to co-operate with us to have us train student at the school of Albinism at Buhangija Secondary school.
Student from Folk Development Collage Sweden

Innocent Minja(FO) with FDC student from Sweden at Maarifa Centre.

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