Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shinyanga Maarifa centre Sub branch publicised on Dira Newspaper

On 7th-13rd of October 2013 were visited at Kinaga Maarifa centre to see the progress of Centre located at Kahama district 12 kilometre away from kahama town and to be published on Dira Newspaper but still we have a challenge on power so that we can run the equipment we have at centre computers and other machine .
That is newspaper logo
CKF of Kinaga Maarifa centre arranging the machine at Kinaga Maarifa.


Shinyanga Maarifa centre were visited the farmer of Songambele Maarifa located at Kongwa district in Dodoma region ,Ten members were visit at Songambele (Advisory committee and Focal group) and the aim was to share experiance of what the farmers from two sides are doing (Shinyanga and Songambele) and capacity building for the Songambele Advisory committee .
During our tour we learn there is huge opportunities from songambele community in Honey processing and Sunflower cultivation which are popular produced at Songambele and Dodoma in general as Region.
The team from shinyanga were encouraged the farmer of Songambele to try on  Pad production by using water harvest like what Shinyanga Farmers doing and the team was lifted the pad seed at Maarifa Centre  to ensure the Field officer of Songambele prepare a demonstration plot for pad production  .
Songambele community were very interested on pad production which was not applicable ever since.
Mr Emmanuel Magoso showing the pad seed to songambele community during meeting
Songambele community members at Somgambele Maarifa centre during meeting.