Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Monitoring and evaluation of greenhouse cultivation and reformed of focal group member at Bulima Village.

Greenhouse vegetable  is among of activities where by shinyanga maarifa centre offered  to the people around Maarifa especially  Tomatoes ,cabbages white pepper and Chinese so shinyanga maarifa centre made capacity building on how to use a good way or method on Greenhouse.together with the monitoring with Agricultural officer form TaTEDO Mr Edward Monga he was Advising the farmer or group member how to get more production on greenhouse include using of manual or fertilizer   .
so together with monitoring of greenhouse vegtable at Bulima we also reformed a focal group member and giving them the way of monitoring the group(FOCAL GROUP GUIDELINE) to make sure all member should participate on different activities arranged by the focal group leader and these are focal group leaders names selected by the all focal group member during the meating held at Bulima village Mr Msafiri Delefa(Chairman),Joyce Shija(Vice chairman),John Lucas(Secretary)and Christina Kayungili (finance ).The group has 15 participant (8 female and 7 male).

The Village chairperson addressing the focal group members on use of the knowledge provided by Shinyanga MC at Bulima Village.

Focal group members at their farm

Ready tomatoes for harvesting

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