Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Today we had visitors from FDC(Folk Development Collage)namely Martina Herbert,Reine Johannes and Aron Benell they have in shinyanga training secondary youth on internet.
They heard about our Maarifa centre through Nafrac and decided to visit on a fact finding mission .
I took through what ALIN is an international  NGOs that facilitate information and knowledge exchange to and between extension workers and arid land communities in Uganda,Kenya and Tanzania.
Free services offered like basic computer training,Internet Access ,Library service and Online Market information e.t.c.Luckly we had ICT training in session they had a chance to chat with our trainees .
They agreed to co-operate with us to have us train student at the school of Albinism at Buhangija Secondary school.
Student from Folk Development Collage Sweden

Innocent Minja(FO) with FDC student from Sweden at Maarifa Centre.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Monitoring and evaluation of greenhouse cultivation and reformed of focal group member at Bulima Village.

Greenhouse vegetable  is among of activities where by shinyanga maarifa centre offered  to the people around Maarifa especially  Tomatoes ,cabbages white pepper and Chinese so shinyanga maarifa centre made capacity building on how to use a good way or method on Greenhouse.together with the monitoring with Agricultural officer form TaTEDO Mr Edward Monga he was Advising the farmer or group member how to get more production on greenhouse include using of manual or fertilizer   .
so together with monitoring of greenhouse vegtable at Bulima we also reformed a focal group member and giving them the way of monitoring the group(FOCAL GROUP GUIDELINE) to make sure all member should participate on different activities arranged by the focal group leader and these are focal group leaders names selected by the all focal group member during the meating held at Bulima village Mr Msafiri Delefa(Chairman),Joyce Shija(Vice chairman),John Lucas(Secretary)and Christina Kayungili (finance ).The group has 15 participant (8 female and 7 male).

The Village chairperson addressing the focal group members on use of the knowledge provided by Shinyanga MC at Bulima Village.

Focal group members at their farm

Ready tomatoes for harvesting


Henri Thomas:
He was performed well his examination after gets 85% of the exams while previously he was got 56% of the same exams"Am happy to say that Shinyanga Maarifa centre helpme on my study especially on of the subject which was tuff to me (Anatomy)am now performing well from56%to 85% marks,I encouraged other student to use the opportunity we have at Maarifa Centre by using the Books available for the Health at Maarifa Centre".   

Costantine Weja: 
Thanks ALIN for establishment of Maarifa centre to the community and I thanks Mr Andrew Chibwana a Forester from NAFRAC as well as Innocent Minja (Field Officer) for the support since i was there for knowledge sharing on Nursery tree seed line am now starting with 1500seed of different categories of trees and my target is 5000 seed at the end of next year(2013).My request again to Maarifa centre to help me on marketing so that i can sell my trees.I encourage other farmers to use the centre for gaining knowledge as well as-advise from exterssion workers from NAFRAC as well as Maarifa centre.    

Rev:Joseph Samwel Seni:
The skills i get from Maarifa centre have change my life due to the fact that previously i had a pastures problems whick make me to move with my cattle 10 kilomethers from my home place for finding pastures but currently i have enough pastures for my cattle and sometimes i sell for other farmers who have the problems which had improved my livelihood by giving me money..Through Maarifa centre am Improved my livelihood through Sustainable Pastures.
Rev Joseph Samwel Seni


in session
Community members attending a free computer training session offered by shinyanga maarifa centre.

Shinyanga Maarifa centre together with other services were planed to make some change on how to recruit the new ICT participant on next program where by we planed to the people with ALBINISM should get first priority to get a chance this will reduce racism (Racial Discrimination)   among the society and not only on ICT but also all activities which the normal human being doing this also is the result of reducing the killing of ALBINISM in shinyanga.
We have the special school in shinyanga called BUHANGIJA SECONDARY SCHOOL were by the student with ALBINISM gens  are kept there for further security if you remember Tanzania was fighting ageist killing of Old women as well as our fellow Tanzania with ALBINISM   so we also proud to be close with them to share with them what we are doing at maarifa we are glad to say welcom for the people with ALBINISM at Maarifa centre and we are no longer discriminating Organization ALIN is here for all people around Maarifa centre.
                                   ICTs training session going on at Maarifa centre

and we are realizing that the people who trained at Maarifa centre are better than those who are coming from Collage this is due to lack of time for practice compare with what we are doing at maarifa centre were by the participant can make more practice include exams,Quiz and normal practical exercise and all services are offered FREE OF CHARGE .
                                          ICTs training proceeding at Maarifa centre
                                    This is ICT training chamber looks like at Maarifa Centre