Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Shinyanga Maarifa centre offering different services include Library as we know in any country there is different curricular for eduction compare with other country like KEnya and Uganda Also they have different curricular .
In Shinyanga Maarifa Centre which located in Tanzania we are using different Education curricular compare with Kenya so the books we have at Maarifa centre is for Kenyan Curricular where the user of the services at Shinyanga Maarifa centre are complain on different materials we have and what they suppose to use  which led to poor performance on their examination especially national examination like last year Shinyanga region was the last region on examination performance this because of the large number of school have no enough books and the large number of secondary school are ward school which faced a lot of challenging compare by private schools so by providing the books which will be useful to the Tanzania education will improve the performance of the student around Maarifa Centre .

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