Monday, March 18, 2013


Shinyanga Maarifa centre establish a new maarifa centre as Shinyanga branch which located at Kinaga  village,Through collaboration between Shinyanga Maarifa centre , Kinaga Secondary school and NAFRAC we had made an agreement on how we can runs the centre.
Kinaga Maarifa centre is located 12 kilometer from Kahama town which involves Nduku ,Ubilimbi,Igunhwa and Kinaga so the centre is settle at centre of other villages .
The former minister of Natural forest and Tourism of Tanzania Hon.Ezekiel Maige he was donated five computers to start and we expecting to receive the Machine next month after Easter and he promised that will support the solar energy as source of power.
The aim of established the branch is due to the location of Shinyanga Maarifa centre which is located at Shinyanga Town where by the beneficiaries of the Maarifa centre targeted are Farmer .
For the beginning we are registered 150 participant for ICT training which is 80%of the total number of people registered .
ICT participant at Kinaga

This is new Maarifa centre located at Kinaga -Kahama.

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